4 thoughts on “Korth

  1. I’m interested in skiing at Korth and pilot knob. How much does it cost to ski there since NIN rents it?

    • Pilot Knob is public, free and quite good. It is groomed by Forest City Nordic; Jeff Hovinga. Who does a gerat job.In fact, he is having a 25km race there Feb 6, God willing.

      Korth is private. Groomed by NIN. In theory, you have to be a member of NIN, which is basically a donation. I don’t know where you live, but that may not be worth it for you. It is adjacent land to the northeast of the Knob, and a bit hillier terrain. But if you are skiing the Knob and see any of us at Korth, come over and introduce yourself and you can just ski as a guest.

      • I live in northeast Mason city. I heard about your group through Tina Friday, while doing a pathology rotation at the hospital. She told me her husband and a group skied at lime creek and pilot knob. I really enjoy hills, so Korth sounds up my alley. I’m hoping to get up to pilot knob when it gets a little warmer, and maybe try out Korth while I’m up there. Depending on the donation required, I’d be very much interested in donating to NIN to be able to skate at Korth more regularly after my first time as a guest. Thank you for your replies by the way!!

  2. Where is this Korth ski area? and does it cost any to ski at pilot knob or korth? Also, are the Quarry lake and Wild Turkey loops at Limey ever groomed for skate?

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